Wrought iron accessories

Production iron accessories art in HCMC, Vietnam. Get the design, manufacture of wrought iron accessories according to customer requirements. Supplying iron accessories for manufacturing decorative lights, interior-exterior, architectural company, company events ... Exports wrought iron accessories.

Welcome to Dong An Wrought Iron Accessories

Catalogue Dong An Wrought Iron Accessories V.1 2017

Dong An is the manufacturer and supply of wrought iron accessories products and iron art deco interior-exterior in Vietnam.

We are one of the pioneer manufacturers of wrought iron accessories for supply to partners, craftsmen iron, construction companies, manufacturing decorative lights, internal-external, company design furniture. Our partners are leading design company in Vietnam, the company of exports, the enterprises and iron stores steel, accessories across Vietnam.

Catalogue Dong An Wrought Iron Accessories V.2 2017

Wrought iron accessories, iron arts, interior-exterior decoration of Dong An has been in a lot of buildings, resorts, amusement parks, restaurants, hotels and shops in Vietnam and export to USA, Australia, Italy, Japan, Canada ... Especially in Japan, we have many Japanese clients since 2008, alway has orders to Japan each month.

With artistic passion Wrought Iron, engineers and skilled workers of Dong An research has produced more than 3000 models wrought  iron accessories and high artistic quality, in accordance with market demand wholesale and price, customers and partners was trust from 2005 to present.